Product Description

For those seeking the market-leading performance of our Primo radiator with a designer look  – the Fascia Grace is the perfect fit.

The quality performance of Merriott’s pressed steel panel is neatly hidden behind this clean and pristine design. Available in five heights, with lengths up to two metres, the Fascia Grace is manufactured in four configurations to match your output requirements.

The side panels of the Fascia Grace come complete with ‘C’ clips that reduce the risk of injury for installers or anyone manually handling the radiator. Simply turn the ‘C’ clips 180˚ to lock the panels in place.

The Fascia Grace is an effective way to achieve a stunning designer radiator look without sacrificing quality or performance, making it a simple choice for any building’s specification.


Technical Drawings


Installation Instructions

Download installation instructions here


Fascia and Fascia Grace


Merriott products are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from date of purchase in respect of defective materials and workmanship. The system should be designed in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice for Water Based Heating Systems in Buildings BS EN 12828:2012+A1:2014 and BS EN 12831: 2003. The installation and commissioning of the system should comply with BS EN 14336:2004. On completion of the installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled in accordance with the British Code of Practice for the Treatment of Water in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems BS 7593:2006, Part L of Building Regulations and Good Practice Guidance for Scotland. Merriott strongly recommends the use of corrosion inhibitor for all applications. Failure to observe these standards may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.