Product Description

Merriott’s SMART Radiant Panels offer a discreet and energy-efficient alternative to standard wall or floor mounted radiators. Merriott’s diverse radiant portfolio has been tested in accordance with EN14037 and caters for every project requirement, whilst providing energy savings of up to 40%.

How Radiant Panels Work

Unlike convection heaters which rely on air circulating through the radiator to warm the room, Radiant Panels provide instant infra-red heat directly to anyone or anything in close proximity. Radiant heat from the panel warms objects in the room, which in turn act as a secondary heat source. Quick system response time enables a building to operate at a reduced air temperature whilst maintaining the same level of comfort, resulting in lower energy consumption.

Visually, the Radiant Panel can be customised to fit the environment of any project. Flat and perforated finishes are available in over 200 RAL colours, with the option to incorporate features such as lights, vents, speakers, sprinklers and much more. Selected SMART models are fitted either in multiple strips or in series to create sails or even full metal ceilings (FMCs).

The versatility of the SMART panels makes them ideal for any application such as classrooms, commercial spaces, healthcare wards, large sports arenas, aircraft hangars, train depots and even industrial facilities.

Each of our SMART Radiant Panels has its own unique features:

SMART – Designed for use within a 600mm ceiling grid, the SMART radiant panel is suitable in both standard and micro T-grid ceiling systems. Panels are available in nominal sizes and can replace up to five ceiling tiles at a time. Special versions of the SMART are available for free hanging and plasterboard applications. Boasting market-leading performance, the SMART offers a UK-manufactured, cost-effective heating solution with an impressive technical specification.

SMART Plus – Suitable for T-bar, free hanging and plasterboard applications, the SMART Plus is available in widths of 300mm to 1200mm and lengths of up to 30 metres. The panel is available in a flat or perforated finish offering additional acoustic performance. The SMART Plus is fully customisable, with over 200 RAL colours to choose from and the option to add lights, sprinklers, vents, audio-visual systems and more.

SMART Style – Lightweight, ridged and available in 30 metre long strips, the SMART Style is primarily suited to applications which require large free-hanging sails to give full ceiling coverage. Its striking linear design boasts architectural excellence and flare, complementing any commercial environment. The SMART Style can be customised to accommodate any project, with a choice of over 200 RAL colours and the option to incorporate lights, sprinklers, vents and audiovisual systems.

SMART HD – Available in widths from 300mm to 1500mm and lengths stretching as far as 100 metres, the SMART HD (Heavy Duty) is best suited to large industrial projects and commercial areas such as aircraft hangars, factories and sports halls. The SMART HD is steel manufactured using 28mm diameter waterways, allowing higher flow rate and lower pressure loss. The panel also comes complete with crimp fittings for straightforward installation. Choose between a perforated or smooth panel finish in our standard RAL 9016 white, or in any other of our 200+ RAL colours.



Installation Instructions

Download SMART Installation instruction here.

For SMART Plus, Style and HD, please contact us for information due to the technical nature of the installation. 



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Merriott products are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from date of purchase in respect of defective materials and workmanship. The system should be designed in accordance with British Standard Code of Practice for Water Based Heating Systems in Buildings BS EN 12828:2012+A1:2014 and BS EN 12831: 2003. The installation and commissioning of the system should comply with BS EN 14336:2004. On completion of the installation, the system should be properly flushed and filled in accordance with the British Code of Practice for the Treatment of Water in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems BS 7593:2006, Part L of Building Regulations and Good Practice Guidance for Scotland. Merriott strongly recommends the use of corrosion inhibitor for all applications. Failure to observe these standards may invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty.